Get inspirational content from your community of happy customers.

Gather photos and videos from across social media. Automatically search by #hashtag, @mention, or influencer.

Encourage customers to share content directly with your brand through, email, web, or chat.

Ensure high quality content with automatic spam and brand protection filtering.


Connect your best content to commerce.

Moderate collected content to stay on brand across all channels.

Automatically sort content with image recognition and tags to find relevant content quickly.

Identify and tag product in photos with Pixlee’s Smart Tagging AI and ecommerce integration.


Engage customers with shared content.

Get permission to use customer photos and videos, and build brand loyalty at the same time.

Protect your brand by ensuring that no unapproved content gets published.

Manage multiple social accounts and business regions from a single platform.


Drive sales with authentic customer content, everywhere (across every touchpoint).

Easily publish customer content to ecommerce, social, email, and ads with Pixlee’s Publish Center

Patented Dynamic Display technology optimizes content in every display based on content performance

Customize and update displays in real-time without changing the code on your site


Build a data-driven content strategy

Measure the ROI of your customer content in terms of views, engagement, and conversion.

Track performance by region, product, content, category, or overall.

Build and export custom reports for an even more detailed view of your content performance.


Find and manage your best influencers

Discover brand advocates and social influencers who can help evangelize your brand

Engage content contributors in 1:1 relationships to develop compelling content and foster engagement

Manage and measure the impact and ROI of your influencer marketing program and content

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